Hold your Breath! Dutch Rising Seas, Swim Diplomas and Canals

2 thoughts on “Hold your Breath! Dutch Rising Seas, Swim Diplomas and Canals”

  1. Hi, a couple my friends several years ago where in Amsterdam and they made that same point. They were walking and there was a huge hole in the sidewalk. There were no signs and they’re like yeah common sense there’s a big hole don’t fall in it. Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Deborah,
      This is very true. When we first arrived in the Netherlands, I was on my way to Ikea. I turned a corner and my right foot stepped into an 8 inch hole! Luckily it only took about a week for my ankle to heal. You also have to look out for basement stairwells that are just large gaps in the sidewalks. Thanks for reading the blog!

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